Paradise Valley is headed in the right direction and I will keep that momentum and protect that which makes this town special. I am grateful to work with such an educated and professional town council. Together we've had many significant accomplishments in the past two years.

As your mayor, my priorities for 2017/18 will include the continuation of important projects or previous initiatives started by this Council as well as new initiatives listed below. I look forward to working with the next Council to continue building our community and leading our town with vision and respect for residents and history.

 Public Safety - We will continue the transformation of the police department through technological, human resource and strategic planning improvements. We will continue to pay down our public safety pension liability and focus on reducing crime and fear of crime throughout the community.

 Financial Security - We will address our pension liability while maintaining high quality public services and infrastructure with strong financial reserves and AAA bond ratings. We will ensure that the budgeting process is transparent and affords residents an opportunity to review and comment prior to adoption.

 Resort Development - We've worked hard to bring a world class Ritz Carlton resort development compatible with community values to the northeast corner of Lincoln Drive and Mockingbird Lane. At the same time we have two ongoing major redevelopments at Mountain Shadows and at the Hyatt Andaz. We need to see these development projects to their completion to make sure that projects are built to plan and impacts to the community are minimized and mitigated wherever possible.

 Streets and Infrastructure - We will continue to champion recurring investment in the maintenance and improvement of our town's streets and rights of ways. We will ensure that decision making tools and investment strategies are publicly available and involve community review. We will work to improve resident engagement in the annual review and update of the town's 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan.

 Cell Phone Reception - Cell phone coverage and signal strength in Paradise Valley is inadequate and unacceptable. I will continue to work with Town Manager Burke and industry representatives to find and implement solutions that bring Paradise Valley cellular and data infrastructure into the 21st century.

 Resident Engagement - I have always advocated that greater resident involvement in the governing of our town will lead to improved decision making and better policy making. We will continue to increase opportunities for residents to participate in the discussion of town topics and in the decision making process. I will run open, transparent, and community-responsive public meetings and continue to provide useful and interesting information and communication of town events, projects and policy discussions through various online, email and social media platforms and encourage the town to do the same.