Updates and a Request!

February 24, 2017
Mayor Michael Collins

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

I hope this email finds you well. A lot is happening in the Town of Paradise Valley and here are some quick highlights and a request!

Town Council appoints Sherf to fill vacant seat – First off please join me in congratulating my friend and former Vice Mayor Dave Sherf for being appointed by the Town Council this past Thursday to fill our vacant council seat. I look forward to working with Dave again in focusing on the priorities of Paradise Valley.

Cell Phone Reception in PV

Cell phone service – We are happy to see the approval and start of construction of a Verizon cellular multi-band antenna site at a screened location atop the Camelback Golf Club. This new site will provide significantly improved voice and data coverage and capacity for Verizon customers within a mile or two of the club. Look for additional infrastructure solutions to be proposed soon. This is MY top priority for 2017!

Resort Development – Lots of activity here for sure! Please welcome the new Andaz Spa and Resort by Hyatt at the former Cottonwoods Resort site. Mountain Shadows Golf Resort will be open shortly. The Ritz Carlton Paradise Valley Resort site is excavated, graded and ready for infrastructure construction. The Camelback Inn is improving its ballroom space and the Sanctuary Resort and Hermosa Inn are adding rooms and amenities. Paradise Valley continues to be the leader for luxury resorts and luxury resort living.

Cell Phone Reception in PV

Biennial Goal/Priority-Setting Council Retreat – Speaking of priorities, next Thursday the Town Council will hold its biennial off-site goal and priority setting meeting/retreat at the new Andaz Resort. Town Council goals and objectives for the next two years will be discussed and prioritized. Town Council rules of procedure and code of conduct will be discussed and evaluated.

For the first time ever, I am asking that this off-site public meeting be videorecorded and made available to the public on the Town's website. It is a foundational meeting for the upcoming two years and conducting it in an open and recorded environment (albeit off-site) is important for transparency in Town Council actions and activities.

In preparation for this important meeting, please send us your 2017-18 priorities for the Town of Paradise Valley. Send us ideas or suggestions on topics important to you!

Upcoming Meetings and Topics – These were only a few of the many exciting things happening in the Town of Paradise Valley. As always, please stay engaged and join us on topics of interest to you. You can view upcoming meeting agendas as well as past meetings here. This is also where you will find the recording of next week's 2017-18 goal and priority setting meeting.

Thanks again for the tremendous honor of serving as Mayor of the Best Small Town in America.

Yours in service,
Michael Collins Signature
Mayor, Town of Paradise Valley

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