City of Phoenix Councilmen Bill Gates, Jim Waring and Sal Diciccio Endorse Collins

April 6, 2016
Mayor Michael Collins

I am really proud to have the support of such strong and accomplished elected leaders.

The City of Phoenix is an important partner for the Town of Paradise Valley. They provide Paradise Valley residents with fire and rescue services from two town-owned fire stations. Sections of the Town receive water and sewer services from the City of Phoenix. As a large metropolitan city on our western border, actions and activities in the City of Phoenix often impact the Town and its residents.

Dialogue with neighboring municipalities is important. Cooperative problem-solving is ideal. I am proud to have worked with each of these honorable men during my tenure as mayor solving real problems that matter to residents. It's nice that we can count on the City of Phoenix as a partner. We're fortunate to have such great elected leaders along our border and I am both honored and excited to have their support.