I am proud of my many achievements and accomplishments. First and foremost I am proud to be married to a wonderful woman raising three terrific children. As a Navy veteran, I am proud to be a successful small business owner and operator. As your mayor, I am proud of the many accomplishments for the Town that we have achieved together over the past few years.

My background is in Department of Defense consulting. I am the owner and operator of a successful defense business and hold Graduate and Doctoral Degrees from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science from University of Southern California.

Highlights of my recent town-related efforts and results include:

  • Worked hard to make the new Ritz Carlton Paradise Valley Resort a reality. The Result? Soon we will see the groundbreaking of an amazingly world-class development and the first Ritz Carlton Resort property to be built in North America in the last ten years.

  • Worked hard to win approval for the long-overdue reconstruction of some of the worst roads in town. The Result? We have completed the reconstruction of Mockingbird Road between 52nd and 56th Streets, Stanford Drive between 32nd and 40th Streets, and 56th Street between MacDonald and Lincoln Drive.

  • Increased resident engagement by creating a Mayors Advisory Homeowners Association Forum and an Advisory Committee on Public Safety within first 100 days in office.

  • Led the effort to form, and then chaired the Town of Paradise Valley Public Safety Task Force to review existing public safety services and performance and make recommendations to improve public safety. The Result? A model for small communities across the country, significant improvements to public safety technology and infrastructure, more patrol officers on the street, and improved performance. Check out the Final Report here.

  • Led the new Town Manager Recruitment process. The Result? We brought a successful and effective new Town Manager into the position who has re-focused the organization towards improved customer service and quality of services provided to residents. We have also hired a new Police Chief and new Director of Finance and Government Affairs, thus completing a healthy renewal of senior staff leadership positions.

  • Led the effort to provide solid long-range planning for Paradise Valley's future through Chairmanship of the General Plan Advisory Committee and leadership in writing the Town's new General Plan. The Result? A plan that was approved by 80% of voters. Check out the Final Report here.

  • Led the effort to formalize the town's long-range Capital Improvement Program. The Result? An annually-prepared five-year capital improvement plan with objective project prioritization and accurate cost estimates.

  • Helped lead the effort to build the new Municipal Courthouse. The Result? A safe working environment for our court staff and all-volunteer judicial bench with a more efficient and improved customer service experience.

  • Worked with Council Member Hamway in bringing storm water management to the forefront of Council discussions. The Result? Two watershed studies are underway to identify flood-prone or flood-damaged areas of town, identify potential solutions to reduce risks to human health and property damage, and prepare storm water management policy alternatives.