About Mayor Michael Collins

Mayor Collins is a successful business owner and strong believer in civic duty. He is proud to volunteer his time helping lead a transparent and accountable limited local government dedicated to professionalism and excellence in quality of service to Town of Paradise Valley residents.

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    latest News

    • 01.24.2018 •

      Trash Talk. Why I Support Single-Hauler Garbage Collection in PV

      As you know there has been extensive debate in the Town of Paradise Valley recently, and in many previous years, about a reform to single-hauler garbage collection in the town. Read More

    • 02.24.2017 •

      Updates and a Request!

      Greetings Friends and Neighbors,I hope this email finds you well. A lot is happening in the Town of Paradise Valley and here are some quick highlights and a request!Town Council appoints Sherf to fill... Read More

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